My Top-5 Traffic Sources

I’m big on using only the most effective low-cost and no-cost traffic sources available online.

I’ve been online since the dark-ages and have created some of the most visited sites on the Internet and today I’d like to share some of my best traffic sources with you, because I know you can use these in your own business.

IMPORTANT: Remember the QUALITY of the traffic is the most important factor, not the quantity.

Traffic Source #1: Joint Venture Partners

Not too surprising considering the impact of jvAlert and jvAlert Live.

In the past few years I’ve been less pro-active in teaming up with related businesses in joint ventures simply because I’ve been swamped with joint venture offers, but I’m going to try and work to change that.

The key is what I call an “Integrated Joint Venture.”

I’m less interested in doing mailings for related products and services and more interested in integrating matching services and products into systems like Tobri.

The results for fully integrated joint venture offerings is phenomenal, but they are definitely harder to setup initially.  That’s why service providers like Tobri need to
be very picky in what they are offering to their clients.

Offers need to be exactly the services your customers are looking for and hopefully delivered exactly when they need it.

Traffic Source #2: Affiliates

Affiliates sent thousands of visitors a week to my sites.

Check out the Tobri Affiliate program here:

If you have not started an affiliate program for your best products and services, I highly recommend you do.

Traffic Source #3: Repeat Visitors

The number one reason that Tobri is ranking above Frank Kern, Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime or even Tiger Woods in traffic is because they keep coming back!

Take a look at the home page and you can see how active some of our users are:

Traffic Source #4: Links/Content

Sites with lots of incoming links do better in search engines than sites with few links.

Sounds basic, but it’s true!  Tobri is a link magnet and a great opportunity for you to create high traffic links to ALL of your websites and pages.

Think content!

Write articles based on your niche, post the content on Tobri AND share the content with other webmasters.

There are lots of other ways to get Tobri links into ALL of your website.

Use your imagination!

Traffic Source #5: Google

The web’s top search engine really delivers high-quality traffic and backlinks are crucial.

Take a look at recommendations at

Then start building feeds and links between your sites and Tobri.

All the best


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